“I now feel confident, value myself much more, and am really clear on what I am doing and how to implement.”

Amber Lou Pearson Birth
Founder and Birth Mentor

“I filled my pilot Thrivelihood program, and am now working with clients whom I adore.”

Karryn Olson-Ramanujan
SEED Sustainability Consulting

“Nicole’s big heart and wise presence have been soothing, and also empowered me to take action to step into my dream”

Kirsi Wahlström
Life and Business Coach

“Since the moment I met her, I’ve been drawn to her authentic ways of being: her loyalty, her honesty, her strength, her generosity, her leadership, her deep “knowings,” and her breathtaking embodiment of a supremely balanced masculine and feminine force.”

Cindie White
Author, Coach, Public Speaker, Ceremonialist

“Nicole facilitated me in getting clear on who it was I was passionate about serving, what value I could offer them, and that serving them could get me to my financial goals… It’s exciting to feel so in alignment with my passions…”

Martina Oshana
Divorce Coach, Sound Healer

"It's the best business choice we've made so far!"

Mika Shoemaker
Parent coach, Co-Founder MommyMinutes

Brooke March

When I reached out to Nicole, my business was moving at a snail’s pace. I had a ton of ideas and it was keeping me from moving forward quickly and powerfully. Nicole helped me figure out a strategy to get really clear on my offerings & how to get them out to the world, moving into cash flow. I am finally crystal clear on what my next steps are and am making huge strides in reaching my audience and having the impact on mothers that I’ve deeply longed for, plus money is coming in.

Nicole takes a strong stand for women bringing their gifts into the world – I felt this strongly in our work together, and it inspired me to keep moving forward. The world needs the gifts of women and Nicole can help with whatever is stopping you from sharing yours through a profitable business. She is a master in numerous ways and as women we need a coach who can show up and meet us in very specific ways, in order to support us in finding our greatness, sharing it with the world and being well compensated for what we offer. I'm so glad I said yes and didn't let the money stop me. I knew I had to invest in my business to take things to a new level – and to a new level it has gone – it’s been so worth it.



Parenting Expert, Co-Founder MommyMinutes

Amber Lou Pearson

“Before I began working with Nicole I was struggling with an ache to do what I love, make a significant contribution to my community, and make a living from it. I couldn’t wrap my head around how to implement and create a clear actionable plan. I found myself worrying a lot and repeatedly asking myself, “how can I do this?” I kept thinking that I would just put it off and do other things, until someday, I would do what I really wanted to do;whenever that was? One day I recognized the looping of my energy, and knew that I was stuck and needed professional support. After working with Nicole just a short while I got work with families and I began implementing steps that were simple and do-able in creating what I wanted to offer. I now feel confident, value myself much more, and am really clear on what I am doing and how to implement. Overall, I am no longer wasting time and energy on activities that don’t serve me. Nicole helped me get super clear on what to do, and it feels amazing to have clear structure, organization and a plan of action! Nicole has not only provided me with exceptional support with a plan that’s working, but she has also supported me greatly in overcoming many internal limitations that once held me back.”



Birth Founder and Birth Mentor

Mika Shoemaker

We reached out to Nicole because we knew our business provided a lot of value, but when it came to the – step-by-step practical “how-to” – of really getting it going, we felt stuck.  We were wasting a lot of time just trying to figure out what to do and then how to do it. We knew we needed help and were ready to get specific guidance on what our offer should be, the strategy for launching it, refining our message, and ultimately bringing in money!  We didn’t want just any business coach – it had to be a right fit. Nicole came in with a clear roadmap and structure for launching our flagship product, bringing in money in the short term and multiplying our list many times over. The wealth of business knowledge training and experience that she has is so valuable, but also the fact that she’s done tons of personal development is really what sets her apart from other business coaches. She has held the vision for us, the steps to get there and brings a great energy to our meetings making it a real pleasure to say the least. It’s the best business choice we’d made so far! The way Nicole works is inspiring and has allowed us to grow into our vision.



Parent Coach, Co-Founder MommyMinutes

Kirsi Wahlström

Nicole you are such a wonderful coach. Thanks to you I have been able to move forward in building my businessas you have helped me release blocks and fears that previously had me stuck. Your big heart and wise presence have been soothing and also empowered me to take action to step into my dream. 
I thank you for your gentle yet powerful coaching. You have made a big difference in my life.


Life and Business Coach

Blissum—The Soulful Life & Business Academy

Cindie White

When I first considered hiring Nicole for business coaching I was disconnected from society, because I had been in a creative bubble for two years, focused on writing a book to transform myself and birth a new identity. Swirling in the ethers for so long, I was not grounded in the real world. Naive and completely overwhelmed with the vast amount of marketplace knowledge and modern business expertise I needed to create, implement and manage a business plan, I turned to Nicole for support.

Nicole was able to step in and offer a ton of inspiration, guidance, wisdom & support in:

  • Recognizing and tapping into my feminine
  • Analyzing, understanding and identifying my market(s)
  • Seeing and describing my inherent gifts as offerings
  • Writing website copy and marketing materials
  • Creating my offering packages
  • Developing back end online technical support systems
  • Creating videos
  • Styling/coaching me on camera
  • Live presentation support
  • Technical education and support for all aspects of my business

And a lot of TLC

  • Safe container & support before, during and after “Lucinda” birthing process and book writing
  • Validation and encouragement of my unique gifts
  • Wisdom and personal counseling
  • Friendship – true, authentic, genuine – I trust her
  • FUN! She makes me laugh!
  • Enlivening – she has fire and she is razor sharp smart
  • She is strong enough to accept and be with my dark side

I am so grateful for her wiz bang epic “spot on” business acumen & ability to whip out copywriting! I was so tired of writing (my book) and I didn’t understand marketing messaging and copywriting – I’m so grateful she helped me write copy!!!

Nicole is RARE, because she encompasses a broad spectrum of unique gifts and experiences. She’s not just one thing. SHE KNOWS BUSINESS! SHE KNOWS SPIRITUALITY! AND SHE KNOWS WOMEN! SHE IS THE REAL DEAL. SHE HAS A GENIUS MIND, VAST HEART, GENEROUS SOUL, AND IS TOTALLY EMBODIED & PRESENT. She walks between worlds.

Cindie White, author of “Confessions of a Bone Woman” memoir and owner at Jelich Ranch.
Portola Valley woman has stories about being a “woman” and finding “wildness” in nature. Photo by Natalia Nazarova


Author- "Confessions of a Bone Woman"

Coach, Public Speaker, Ceremonialist

Karryn Olson-Ramanujan

I contacted Nicole when I was in the final stretch of launching my “Grow Your Permaculture Thrivelihood Program” for women.  A lot of things needed to happen all at once, so I was feeling overwhelmed—especially about the sharp learning curves of doing things the first time. In just one hour, Nicole helped me dissect projects into manageable tasks, get really clear about how to communicate with partners who were new to affiliate relationships, and hammer out awesome outreach text. Nicole’s confidence as a business coach helped me feel grounded and know I could do this! I filled my pilot Thrivelihood program, and am now working with clients whom I adore.  



SEED Sustainability Consulting