It takes courage to be an entrepreneur!

It's no small thing to take full responsibility for your livelihood – 

to put your heart and soul out there through your business, stating the value that you deem it's worth.

Are you one of those daring souls, who is compelled to be of service through your very own entrepreneurial endeavor?

Maybe you're already immersed in your adventure, but you're overwhelmed and need it to be easier?

Possibly you've put yourself out there, but you're not getting the kind of response you long for?

I can help!

I've been a serial entrepreneur for the past 20 years – I really get it.

My most recent harrowing feat was to boldly step out of a marriage and business partnership that – although was doing very well on the outside – was killing me on the inside.

After over 10 years of pouring my heart and soul into a marriage and business – that I thought I would do for the rest of my life – I walked away when I knew that staying was compromising my health and values.

So, with not a dime to my name and a bunch of maxed out credit cards and 2 young kids in tow, I left. Now 5 years later, as a single mom, I'm doing what I love, serving people that I love and making my livelihood on my own terms, in integrity with my values and reclaiming my health and well being.

If I can do it so can you. It's my absolute passion to share all that I've learned!


Don't go it alone

For me there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing someone – who has so much to offer – get stuck in the weeds with overwhelm, trying to figure all this business stuff out.

My business is "business", I can help.

I implement proven systems, structures and strategies, all while mentoring you through the internal blocks and fears that can snag you. It's way too much to figure out on your own. 

I am the overwhelm annihilator! 

Plus, I've so been there! I've studied and learned from the best in the industry, and I've implemented more online business strategies, software and marketing techniques than I can even think of.

Stop messing around!

Get help, so you can have a solid – easy to implement strategy – get yourself out there with authenticity – and make money.

It's really that simple.

I'll show you the way!



It all started right out of high school,

with a skateboard and my twin sister...

The Story of My 20 Years As an Entrepreneur


It all started in high school when my twin sister and I decided to try skateboarding, and we got hooked!

Back then, there really weren’t any female skateboarders, except for us of course. Once we graduated high school, my twin and I decided to start the first ever all women’s skateboard company.

To make a really long and good story short, I quickly realized that our products weren’t going to sell until there were more women skateboarders in the world. Thus began a 10 year stint of learning about and producing videos and print media – and our skateboard company became a production company –

inspiring an entire movement of women skateboarders that still lives on to this day.

My next entrepreneurial adventure – I backed into accidentally.  I decided to leave the concrete jungle, and the toys I played on it, and return to a more primitive way of life.

I set my sites on learning how to fully survive off the land, and leave the “modern” world behind.

After 2 years of practice and trying it out, I had a scary moment of reckoning on a survival trip where I was dangerously dehydrated, yet laying next to a gushing river. I thought,  “There is no escaping the destruction of the planet, here I am laying next to a river and I’m dying of thirst, but can’t drink it”...

...I decided to utilize my skills with visual media to help raise awareness about the needs of our planet – my next entrepreneurial adventure was born!

After my near death survival experience...

I found a media company that aligned with my values and took a struggling business, that was averaging just over $100,000 a year, and in less than a year I was able to add an additional $400,000 through implementing online business strategies into a largely offline business.

Being in nature connection, permaculture, wildcrafting,  and shall I say – "hippie" movements – illuminated something troubling for me, which has become my inspiration for what I do today. 

What I witnessed is that quite often people who care deeply about the planet, social justice, healing people, the arts – and really anything that is in service to something larger than themselves – are usually pretty marginalized, as their unique gifts aren't valued by the culture at large.

Couple this with some really big blocks around money - stuck in survival mode – and you have a situation where those who are holding the keys to health and well being for our people and planet, aren't getting those gifts out to those who need them most.

It is my mission, to support you in the harrowing process of seeing your worth, sharing your gifts and being well compensated as you bring your light to the world!



My qualifications as a "luminary guide" for entrepreneurs


My Entrepreneurial Adventures:

  • Villa Villa Cola Productions- 1st ever all women's skateboard company.
  • OWLink Media, publishing company
  • Wild By Nature- surf, skate and nature camps for teen girls
  • (RDNA) Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Program
  • 8 Shields- nature connection, community building, mentoring and leadership
  • Fox Tracks- nature program for homeschoolers
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy- Lead  business coach with Sage Lavine
  • Video for Visionaries
  • Together Outside
  • Bloggers in Business
  • Nicole Morgan Young- business coaching and consulting

Business Coaching & Training:

  • Vrinda Normand Copywriting Coaching Program- Advanced Direct Marketing Copywriting
  • Sage Lavine- Passion & Profits Business Coaching
  • Bill Baren Service Industry Coaching- 
    • Discovery Sessions, efficient conversion of prospects into clients. 
    • High End Client Enrollment System - all aspects of focusing on high revenue clients
  • Ecstatic Brand Business Coaching - Christina Morassi- 
    • High End Business Coaching
    • Brand development
  • Frank Kern- Online Marketing and Advertising
    • Sales Funnel Development
    • Copywriting
    • Lead capture, engagement and retention
    • Product Creation
    • Webinars that sell
  • Digital Marketer
    • Avatar creation
    • Marketing Funnel Training
    • Lead capture, engagement and retention
  • Spiritual Marketing Quest - Suzanne & Jeffrey
    • Niche Identification and Refinement
  • College Video Production & Editing 
    • Storyboarding
    • Video Editing
    • Video and Film shooting
    • Directing
  • James Wedmore-
    • Business By Design- online course creators to "Digital CEO's"
    • Youtube Marketing, “Video R.O.I”  
  • TRIBE w/Stu McLaren- How to create profitable membership sites
  • John Gallagher / Product Launch Formula
    • Hands-on training and guidance in implementation of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula with Kajabi
  • Peter Schlenczka - Partner in top consulting firm, McKenzie Partners
    • Corporate Strategy development and implementation. (Worked closely for 2 years)

Personal Development:

  • Mom of 2 amazing children, who by far have helped my development, into the woman that I am, the most!
  • Tom Brown Jr- Wilderness survival training
  • Wilderness Awareness School- Wilderness survival, village living & mentoring
  • Inipi & Moon Lodge Training- 10 years w/Lakota Holy Man Gilbert Walking Bull
  • Sabonfu Some- Grief tending & community ceremony
  • Sacred Fire Training- With Paul Raphael, Odawa Peacemaker
  • Ho'opono Pono Ke Ala- With Aunty Mahealanai
  • Conscious Relationships & Leadership Trainging- With Grace Clayton from the work of Gay and Katie Hendricks
  • Alison Armstrong- Understanding Men & Women
  • Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts- Mastery
  • Light Dark Institute- Light Dark Experience
  • Femme! Attuned- Movement and emotion, certified teacher