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Before you invest a lot of time, money and energy on the wrong things that could set you back months, years or worse, take you out of the game all together:

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This Is For You If...

You are a Substantial Woman – who’s been through some serious stuff – you have incredible life experience and massive wisdom, and you're ready to get it out.

You know you're here to play big – cause you're ready for big impact!  Yet, you're not exactly sure how to get from here to there.

You certainly aren't winging out some flash in the pan crap, that's here today gone tomorrow – yet you're not exactly sure how to translate that to the world.

We are talking – world altering, human trajectory changing – purpose and mission driven business, and anything less feels dissatisfying.

To do this, you have to show up authentically and confidently, facing your biggest fears and insecurities all along the way. I can help!

I’m all about you accomplishing your mission through a business that makes money & feels authentic – without compromising your health and well being!

I will support you in the harrowing process of stepping into a business that is non-traditional, while utilizing proven systems and structures that keep you in your wild zone of genius!


“When I reached out to Nicole, my business was moving at a snail’s pace. I had a ton of ideas and it was keeping me from moving forward quickly and powerfully. Nicole helped me figure out a strategy to get really clear on my offerings, how to get them out to the world and move into cash flow. I am finally crystal clear on what my next steps are and am making huge strides in reaching my audience and having the impact on mothers that I’ve deeply longed for.

~Brooke March- www.mommyminutes.tv~

What Services Do You Need?

Business Jump Start

Are you just getting started as an entrepreneur or starting a new product or service offering? If you’re feeling overwhelmed with where to start—or how to get clarity and traction with a strategy that you know will work—then this is for you.



Branding & Website

Get a website made for you that has a consistent and strategic message and branding to attract your tribe of ideal clients and customers. Be the boss of your own website—as you will be trained in how to easily manage it yourself once we get you all setup.



Sales Funnel Creation

It is essential to have a sales funnel in place—to build your list of potential clients and customers, make sales and keep your leads engaged. Get a sales funnel strategy that works, plus have your landing pages and emails crafted and created for you.


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Vision to Fruition
(The Full Monty)

Take your dream and turn it into a reality! This package covers it all: Marketing Strategy, Sales Funnel Creation & Implementation, Branding & Messaging, Email Strategy & Implementation—Plus one-on-one coaching and support with Nicole.

Full Monty

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Image, Style and Confidence

In this day of the “personal brand” you will not go far if you don’t feel absolutely confident and radiant in who you are and how you look. Stand in who you essentially are—with a complete makeover—inside and out. True beauty is the authentic you!




Get a professional video scripted,
shot and edited for your homepage, about page, services page, or anywhere else you are wanting to feature—what you offer,
who it’s for, and how you are uniquely able to help.


Are You Any One of These?

A Thought Leader

who is ready to fully embrace the genius that only you bring, while staying true to your feminine needs and voice.


An Established Entrepreneur

going through transformation and transition, knowing that a bigger and more impactful mark is on the horizon for you.


A Creative

with grand ideas needing someone who can extend a hand to help ground, and actualize your beautiful, yet sometimes overwhelming, creativity into a business.


A Female Visionary

here to make a change through the vehicle of her own entrepreneurial endeavor.


A Woman Who—

whether she likes it or not—is here to change the world, and is savvy enough to know to take exquisite care of herself in the process!

Join the Wealthy Impact Posse (WIP:)

Get my, “Healthy Wealthy Woman” checklist and see if you have the essential ingredients for having a financially successful business, that also suits you as a woman of substance!