I can help you do what you love and create a prosperous livelihood!

I’m here to help, as I’ve become uniquely skilled at translating passions and gifts into viable businesses, that make real money, so you can live the life that you desire and deserve.

My story is almost unbelievable even to me.
I went from leaving the material world to live entirely off the land, (for real though) to becoming a business coach.

I don’t want to bore you with that story,
(it’s actually not boring, but I don’t think it’s why you are here, if you want a taste of it, scroll down to my life up to now timeline below).

Let’s just say, that I chose to leave the modern world and I chose to join it again, and this has given me huge insight into how you can have financial abundance, stay true to your values and have an incredible quality of life.

To begin, being and becoming an entrepreneur is the best, and I support you wholeheartedly in that decision.


Because not only does it have the potential for allowing you to live life on your terms, it’s also one of the surest and most direct ways for you to bring your unique brilliance into the world.

And, that’s what I want most for you.


There’s a hitch though, and it seems to be a big one for a lot of entrepreneurs and it’s why I do what I do…

Being in business for yourself can mean financial instability for some of you, and for others, you might be doing alright financially, but you’re overwhelmed and totally stressed out.

Either way, both of these scenarios lead to something absolutely disastrous…

Can you guess what that is?

Well, for me, it’s that you aren’t shining and offering your brilliance as the beacon that you are meant to be for the people who need you. And on top of that you are in survival mode, anxious, exhausted, fearful and basically your quality of life isn’t so hot.

I don’t want that for you..at all.

What I want for you is for your business to be a super efficient and supportive vehicle for getting your gifts and services out to those who need them, and for you to enjoy the quality of life that is necessary for you to give to others through your business. I want you to be in passionate service as well as enjoy time with friends and family, take vacations if you wish and otherwise enjoy your success.

Do you want that too?

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I guess I should add that I’ve done and continue to receive a ridiculous amount of training, coaching and education in business. I’ve spent 10’s of thousands of dollars and countless hours gleaning and implementing the best of, and most effective business practices, for creating a business that works for you and the life that you want.

It would bring me such great happiness and fulfillment for you to be the beneficiary of all my hard work and hard won lessons learned along the way. I promise to deliver quality advice and support for you on your entrepreneurial journey.

If you are one of the brave one’s who wants to live life on your own terms, then I would love to support you on that path. Because if there is one thing that I have learned on my journey, is that doing it alone… kind of, well, sucks.

About Nicole


I began my journey as an entrepreneur at age 19, and had I known about homeschooling, I would have become an entrepreneur much sooner.

From a very early age I felt like something was missing, like I wasn’t being told the whole story. I was constantly searching for more; I just knew that for me, cars, external beauty, college and white picket fences were not all that life had to offer. I was determined to stay true to my passions, and find the fulfillment and happiness that I longed for.

And that is why graduating from high school, is still to this day, the absolute happiest day of my life!

Back to my first business at 19. You know how people say “You can never niche too much”, well I think I figured it out. When I started my all girls skateboard company with my twin sister Tiffany, we were quite literally all the girls who skateboarded that we knew of or could find, and we looked! We even tried to convert our cheerleader friend into a skateboarder, that failed. It took a couple of years before we spotted another of our kind.

All that said, we forged a path into a truly male dominated industry and catalyzed a movement where there was none. Years in we had major male skateboard companies not only sponsoring our video productions, but seeking to collaborate with us.

Since that time I have had a number of other entrepreneurial adventures. I went on to co-create a very successful, multiple 6 figure, permaculture, farming and primitive skills program, as well as a ½ a million dollar a year business with my, then husband, that included mentoring, workshops, online courses/trainings, speaking engagements and more.

I say all this not to toot my own horn, but to share that staying on purpose, having more than enough money and sharing your gifts is more than possible.

My ultimate passion and continued journey is to live an integrated life, where I feel fulfilled in my many roles; from mother to business owner. I truly believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything.

I lived for many years as if this wasn’t true, but the only person I was fooling was myself. It pains me to reflect on how much of my life, and my children’s lives, I missed in busyness and constant overwhelm.

I don’t regret it, but instead use the deep sadness and grief I feel about my loss, to fuel my commitment to living life on my terms; fully and with a great deal of presence.

I am all about having it all and thriving!

If you want this too, then you have come to the right place. You don’t have to give up on your dreams, and you don’t have to sacrifice yourself, your family or your happiness to live them.

I know that my purpose is to show you how, and help you avoid the costly mistakes that I have made along the way.

You can have prosperity, you can be on purpose and you can fully enjoy every aspect of your life!

A Strange and Twisted Timeline of how I’ve become who I am now;
Uniquely qualified to help you turn your Passions and Purpose into Real success in your life and business.


If for some reason you want to know more about me, here are some random tidbits that you might not ever know about me except by reading the following:

  • I was raised mormon and was kicked out at age 15 for toilet papering a cabin at girls camp, plus some other minor misdemeanors.
  • I tracked wolves in Idaho until I found their den
  • I won 3rd place in the first ever all women’s skateboard competition
  • I know how to make fire by rubbing 2 sticks together
  • I had a rock band called Pegasus that was is a Union Bay Jeans commercial
  • I wore men’s work pants and boys t-shirts exclusively for 10 years as an adult
  • My favorite food is butter
  • I only recently discovered my love for shopping